Vermeer Compost Turners

Turning the Industry Upside Down.

For a decade, Vermeer has been providing equipment to the composting market with its extensive tub and horizontal grinder line. Now Vermeer offers compost turner equipment with the elevating face technology to complement our line of grinders - providing customers with a comprehensive line of compost equipment solutions.

More info: Patrik Wegelius +358 40 501 9137 / Christopher Wegelius +358 40 501 9826

Vermeer CT670 compost turner

CT670 compost turner

A New Solution for your Composting Needs. The Vermeer CT670 is a pull-type compost turner featuring...

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Vermeer CT1010TX compost turner

CT1010TX compost turner

More waste in less space. The CT1010TX is a self-propelled compost turner with elevating-face technology...

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