Features & Benefits
AutoFeed II AutoFeed II can help reduce material jams resulting in increased productivity. It also decreases stress to the engine in demanding chipping conditions, helping to protect vital components.
Bottom Feed Stop Bar Helps to increase operator safety while feeding material. .
Compact Size With a compact footprint, operators can maneuver the BC160XL in confined jobsites. Its light weight can help reduce damage to existing turf and improve ease of transport.
Hydraulic System Fewer switches and parts result in increased ease-of-operation and decreased service costs. Allows the feed speed to be adjusted up to 230 fpm (70.1 m/min) for maximum engine efficiency and reduced stress.

Vermeer BC160XL Brush Chipper

Designed for the European market, the BC160XL disc-style chipper has industry-leading features in an easy-to-use and compact design. With standard features including the AutoFeedII® system to help maximize productivity and the Bottom/Side Feed Stop Bars to enhance operator safety, the BC160XL is an ideal choice for rental fleets and small-sizetree-care companies who focus on pruning and crown reductions.

The 19.3kW (26hp) water-cooled Kohler diesel engine is fully enclosed, which helps reduce noise levels in residential and confined jobsites. Controls and the engine monitoring system required to operate the machine are located around the infeed table. What ever the position of the turntable, the operator does not have to walk around to adjust a control or check the engine, increasing operator efficiency.

The BC160XL helps reduce maintenance time with easy access to the engine and cutter housing. When replacing the two flat-mounted cutter knives, no adjustment of the shear bar is required.

More info: Christopher Wegelius +35840 5019826 or Patrik Wegelius +35840 5019137

Vermeer BC160XL Brush Chipper

Vermeer BC160XL bush chipper - Tecnical specifications
Height (transport): 76 " 193 cm
Length (transport) 108.6 " 276 cm
Weight 1653.5 lb 750 kg
Width 60.2 " 153 cm
Make Kohler Diesel 3 cylinders
Gross kW: 26 hp 19,3 kW
Max. torque: 67 Nm 49.4 ft-lb
Fuel tank: 26 L 6.8 gal
Hydraulic tank 26 L 6.8 gal
Cutting System
Disc size 600 mm x 25.4 mm 23.6" x 1"
Speed 1800 rpm  
Knives 2  
Bedknives 22 cm x 22 cm reversible 8.7" x 8.7"
Feed/Discharge System
Infeed opening 16 x 20 cm 6.3" x 7.9"
Feed-table length 64 cm 25.2"
Feed-table height 67 cm 26.3"
Chute rotation 270°