Vermeer Eclipse drill head locator

The Vermeer Eclipse locator is a revolutionary tracking system for the HDD industry, being the first of its kind to display drill head location and locate points in a real-time, bird's eye view.

A patented 3-D antenna configuration enables the unit to see locate points and the transmitter's position - allowing the operator to walk directly to the drill head.

Additionally, the receiver provides 3-D left/right and up/down remote steering information.

More info: Patrik Wegelius +35840 501 9137 / Christopher Wegelius +35840 501 9826

Product picture

Eclipse - tekniset tiedot
Frequency Proprietary  
Battery Life 6 hrs  
Battery Charger 12/28 V DC or 110/220 V AC  
Depth Display LCD numeric-real time Inches, foot & inches, or centimeters
Clock Display LCD numeric 12 positions
Operating Temperature Range 140 f 60 c
Height 12.2 " 31 cm
Width 7.5 " 19 cm
Length 15.5 " 39 cm
Weight with batteries 8.3 lbs 3.76 kg
Remote Steering Function Target depth and direction can be set by the user Shows left/right and up/down deviation
Locating Method Over the head or front/ rear locate points Walk to the drillhead directly from any location