Features and Benefits
Powerful Up to 4500 kg of pulling power with pulleys
Lightweight Weighs only 16 kg (35 lb)
Fast Up to 4 times faster than electric winches – up to 18 m/min (60 ft/min)
Anchors to anything Trees, tree stumps, vehicles, posts with a quick attach
True power The rope does not accumulate on the Portable WinchTM drum, it only goes through it, delivering 1000 kg (2200 lb) of pulling power anytime, all the time.
Continuous usage 100% duty cycle vs. 20% duty cycle of electric winches
Unlimited rope length
Easy to use You can control precisely the winching speed by varying the pressure you apply to the free end of the rope.
Safe No kinks, pig tails, barbs on rope or whiplash
Reliable It will start!
No worries about overheating!

Portable Winch™ in General Use

With the Portable Winch™ you will be able handle many different situations: Boats, jettys, stuck vehicles, pulling cables, lifting and pullin stuff, moving large rocks and much more. The winch is handy at the cottage or where there is no electricity available. The winch is easy to transport wherever you need pulling power.

More info and orders: Patrik Wegelius +358 40 501 913

Portable Winch vintturin monet käyttökohteet

Price: 1299 € + vat 23%

Multiple applications for the winch:

"I received the Portable Winch™ the other day. We got to use the winch last night to pull a boat (on a trailer) out of the water and up onto a sandy beach. Easily exceeded any expectations we had. Very slick unit. I don't think any of us thought it would be as easy to use as it is.

It’s a very solid piece of gear that is going to work perfectly for pulling our boats out of the water. I was sort of surprised how easy everything worked right out of the box. Given its relatively small size and even weight, I was also surprised how effortlessly we were able to pull Rob's boat out of the water and up the beach. Appears to be well engineered, well made and uses a HondaTM 50cc 4-stroke. What’s not to like! "

Bob Evans, Indiana, USA

Portable Winch™ - Multi-Purpose Assortment

If you need to use the winch for general purpose jobs, you should consider this assortment. You will then have a selection of accessories that will come in handy in many situations. Also, you will protect your winch and accessories with the padded waterproof Pelican case.

Click the images for more information.

PCA-1259 PCA-1259: 1 x Polyester sling: 2'' x 8' (50 mm x 2.44 m) PCA-1281 PCA-1281: 1 x Safety hook with latch (safe working load: 3/4 ton) PCA-1100 PCA-1100: 1 x Optional capstan drum - (3-3/8" (85 mm) diameter and max. line speed: 60 ft/min (18 m/min)
PCA-1261 PCA-1261: 1 x Hitch plate winch anchor – Fits towing balls up to 2'' (50 mm) diameter) PCA-1282 PCA-1282: 1 x Grab hook 5/16'' (7 mm) with latch PCA-1213M PCA-1213M: x Double-braided polyester rope – 1/2'' x 328' x (13 mm x 100 m)
PCA-1274 PCA-1274: 1 x Swing side snatch block (4'' (100 mm) diameter) PCA-1295 PCA-1295: 1 x Choker-chain 1/4'' x 7' (6 mm x 2.1 m) PCA-1256 PCA-1256:1 x Rope bag (Large - Holds up to 328' (100 m) of 1/2'' (13 mm) rope (with shoulder straps))
PCA-1276 PCA-1276: 2 x Steel oval locking carabiner PCA-0340

1 x Pelican padded waterproof case for winch and accessories

PCA-1279 PCA-1279: 1 x Shackle 1/2'' (13 mm) – WLL : 2 tons

More info and orders: Patrik Wegelius +358 40 501 913

Portable Winch PCW5000 - technical specifications
(with snatch block)
9,8 kN (1 000 kg) 1,96 kN (2 000 kg)
GEARBOX Aluminium alloy, gear ratio 110:1
WEIGHT (DRY) 16 kg
ENGINE 4-stroke Honda GXH 50-cc
DIMENSIONS (OVERALL) Width 33 cm, height 36 cm, depth 38 cm
WARRANTY 5 years (Honda™ engine warranty)
ROPE (low stretch double braided polyester) Min. 10 mm
Max. 16 mm

Max. line speed
Max. line pull
12 m/min
9,8 kN (1 000 kg)
18 m/min
6,2 kN (635 kg)