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M&J Industries develops, produces, markets and services a complete range of mobile and static shredders. It also produces advanced technological components and machinery for several international companies.

M&J Industries’ unique, patented cutting-table and knife designs have made the company a leading producer of primary shredders for recycling and incineration plants, transfer stations and landfills and for RDF and chemical waste. More than 500 references worldwide demonstrate the efficiency and economy of our approach and the machines. Based on its patented shredding technology M&J Industries developed in 2005 a secondary shredder, which enables shredding down to grain sizes of 50-80 mm for primary shredded and relatively clean materials. This model is the M&J 4000-12F.

What can be shredded?

Most materials can be shredded using an M&J waste shredder. Some materials are, of course, easier to shred than others. Good shredding can, however, be achieved by careful loading and by mixing slightly shredded and tough materials with other materials. The material determines the volumes that can be shredded. Our shredder can shred more material than most other shredders on the market.

More info: Chris Wegelius +358 40 501 9826

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4000 M 4000 S
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