Cedima Wire Saws - Wire Technology

Wire saws are used to sever structures made of reinforced concrete or masonry. Thanks to the controller wheels it is possible to make almost any form of cut. Use of the wire with either hydraulics or high-frequency electrical motors. With a special version available it is possible to cut round holes in walls or ceilings.

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Cedima CAZ-3200 wire saw

CAZ-3200 wire saw

Special wire saw for creating large-sized, circular openings in concrete, reinforced concrete or masonry

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Cedima CSA-1001 H wire saw

CSA-1001 H wire saw

Automatic wire saw with 2 swivel rolls and 10 storage rolls, without wire drive unit and wire drive wheel

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Cedima CSA-100 E wire saw

CSA-100 E / CSA-100 H wire saws

The mini automatic wire saw CSA-100 has been developed especially for medium and small separation cuts with diamond wires...

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Cedima Diamond Wires

Diamond Wires

orange: 10,5mm concrete up to 3%...
blue: 11,0mm concrete up to 3-8%...
red: 10,5mm abrasive mat...
black: 10,5mm steel,stainless steel...

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Cedima Wire technology

Wire Technology

• Wire drive wheels and storage rolls
• Wire guidance and water supply to the wire
• Feet for mounting to wall and ground
• (...)

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