Belle Compactors

Belle Group offers a full range of compaction equipment for both soil and asphalt : Forward plate compactors, Reversible plate compactors, Trench rammers and Walk behind duplex rollers for compacting all types of soil and asphalt applications.

Belle offers a large range of plate compactors with a choice of compaction force, different plate sizes and widths depending on the application and material to compact as well as various engine options. These machines combine technology together with highest standards of performance. Belle-Group has a wide experience and understanding of compaction, combining health and safety features.

Belle is now N°1 in the world for low hand-arm vibration.

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Belle PCEL 320X compactor

PCEL 320X compactor

Belle Group’s Light Weight, Single Direction Vibration Plate is suitable for a multitude of applications: soil and asphalt compaction...

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Belle PCLX 320-400 compactors

PCLX 320-400 compactors

PCLX Light weight forward plate compactors for repair work and maintenance.
When good compaction from a robust, lightweight plate is required the PCLX is the perfect choice.

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Belle PCX 20A compactor

PCX 20A compactor

Special Delta plate designed with flexibility and versatility for
compacting asphalt
Belle PCX 20A is a specially designed forward plate to compact asphalt
with a focus on versatility.

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Belle PCX 12/36 - 13/40 compactors

PCX 12/36 - 13/40 compactors

A combination plate for the rental industry
Belle has developed a series of 2 true combination plates for compaction of granular and mixed materials with cohesive content as well as for hot or cold asphalt in confi ned areas such as parking lots, highways, close to
structures, curbs, and abutments.

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Belle PCX-500 compactor

PCX 350-500 compactors

Forward combination plates for soil and asphalt
Plates with unique safety features, performance and stylish looks. High priority has been given to Health and Safety with low hand arm vibration. Patented and registered designs.

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Belle PCX 20/50 compactors

PCX 20/50 compactors

Used for soil compaction on new developments, repairs and maintenance jobs with large aggregates, clay or moist content. This plate is a hard hitting but user friendly machine in the heavy weight class.

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Belle SF 460 compactor

SF 460 compactor

Special Force Plate Compactor
On soil and diffi cult ground conditions the SF 460 makes good progress when other machines can get stuck.

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Belle RPC 30 kN compactor

RPC 30 kN compactor

Forward and reversible compactors with centrifugal force of 30KN. Speed and compaction depth are adjusted through hydraulic control of the eccentric element. This gives the plate smooth motion and makes it easy to operate.
General plate for compaction work close to piles and concrete bases...

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Belle RPC 45 kN compactor

RPC 45 kN compactor

Medium size heavy duty forward and reverse plate compactor for soil applications. Ideally used for compaction in backfi ll in pipe and cable trenches as well as road repair and maintenance work. Speed and compaction depth are adjusted through hydraulic servo control of the eccentric element.

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Belle RPC 60 kN compactor

RPC 60 kN compactor

Heavy reversible plate compactors with optimum compaction performance. A powerful diesel engine, makes the RPC60/80 series an economical alternative to heavy vibratory rollers. The base plate is designed for fast compaction on stone and soil material on large surfaces.

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Belle RT 65 compactor

RT 65 compactor

4-stroke compact trench rammers. The new and unique RT 65 with a narrow frame and handle for work in deep, confi ned trenches.

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Belle RT 66 compactor

RT 50/66/74 compactors

4 Stroke Rammers. A range of 3 machines designed with forthcoming environmental legislation in mind. All the performance and durability that a contractor expects with the added benefit of a four stroke petrol engine.

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Belle BWR 650 roller

BWR 650 roller

Walk behind duplex roller for soil and asphalt.
Fully hydrostatic walk behind duplex rollers.
Suitable for all possible applications on asphalt and sub-base.

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