Belle Concrete Equipment

Belle Group offers a complete range of concrete equipment including : An extensive range of mechanical drive pokers, electric portable pokers, electric high frequency and pneumatically driven pokers.

Belle offers a choice of beams and screeds to vibrate, compact and level concrete including walk behind screeds, double beams and modular screed systems as well as roller strikers.

Belle also offers a range of trowels from 600 mm to 1200 mm together with hand tools and accessories.

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Belle BGA shaft poker vibrators

BGA shaft poker vibrators

Flexible shaft poker Vibrators for high vibration power in concrete and designed to meet the toughest site conditions...

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BGF converters

The most advanced converters available. A fully electronic design eliminates all
common converter problems...

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BGN pokers

High performance pokers using the latest technology to give safe and
reliable performance.

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Belle BGP pokers

BGP pokers

A range of pokers that include special features to improve reliability and reduce downtime.

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Belle Easy Screed 200

Easy Screed 200

At 2m wide this gives high productivity, with a twist to tilt mechanism so the
blade can be angled for pushing or pulling across the slab.

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Belle Easy Screed Pro

Easy Screed Pro

Screeding without formwork is becoming a popular time saving technique.

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Belle Mega Vib hand held poker system

Mega Vib hand held poker system

A high frequency hand held poker system comprising interchangeable drives, flexible shafts and poker heads. Giving portable performance, ideal for small volumes of concrete...

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Belle Porto Screed

Porto Screed

A new advanced Porto Screed, uses robust aluminium beams to strike off, vibrate and level concrete in bays up to 7 metres wide and 150mm deep.

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Belle PRO 600X edging trowel

PRO 600X edging trowel

Ideal for small areas, up to walls and through doorways. The Electric option allows working in buildings without special ventilation.

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Belle PRO 900 trowel

PRO 900 / 1200 trowels

Designed to provide contractors with the features and performance they need. These machines are used for long periods so the Pro Trowel gives improved operator comfort and easy control. Smooth running helps achieve a high quality finish.

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Belle Vibratronic converter box

Vibratronic converter box

Smallest electronic converter box in the market Vibratronic has been intensively tested under severe site and climate conditions...

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