Airstar lighting balloon on job site

Airstar lighting balloons

Inventor and world leader of lighting balloons

Airstar is the inventor and the world leader of lighting balloons, not only as a practical light for illumination but as the perfect light source for photography and film work as well as safety lighting for any event or work site.

Airstar lights are diffused, glare-free and illuminate a 360° area.

Self-Inflating Lighting Balloons

Airstar Sirocco 1000W lighting balloon Airstar Sirocco 1200W lighting balloon Airstar Sirocco 2x1000W lighting balloon
Sirocco 1000W Sirocco 1200W Sirocco 2x1000W
Airstar Sirocco 3x1000W lighting balloon Airstar Sirocco 4000W lighting balloon Airstar Sirocco 4x1000W lighting balloon
Sirocco 3x1000W Sirocco 4000W Sirocco 4x1000W
Airstar TBT 2x250W lighting balloon Airstar TBT 3x65W lighting balloon Airstar Stands
TBT 2x250W TBT 3x65W Stands